I am a creative director, graphic novelist, photographer and travel addict. I also consult for companies, work with charities and play speed chess.


Adam Trachtman

Creative Director

Graphic novelist, Street Photographer, Volunteer, and Chess Geek.

Adam started playing chess with his grandfather when he was four. A few years later, mom brought home a prototype Macintosh and he was hooked again. When he wasn’t on the computer, he spent most of his time in art school, in his sketchbooks, or getting into trouble on the streets of Philadelphia.

He left for Europe in 1994, and never looked back. In 1997 he founded a media division of Stillking Films. Five years later, he became a partner in LucidCircus, using his creativity to help build the digital footprint of many well known institutions. In 2012, he started teaching Animation/CGI at Prague Film School. His work has been featured in the Czech National Gallery as well as film festivals, exhibitions, and a variety of books and magazines. Immersion is his first graphic novel.